Registration for IDN Jawi, Chinese and Tamil now Open!

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – September 20, 2011 – Malaysia pioneer web hosting provider, today announced the new Registration for abbreviation of Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) that will be available to existing .my registrant from 20 September 2011 to 30 November 2011.

The registration of IDN also known as multilingual domain name allows the registrant to register their domain name using different characters to be used in their web addresses. This will include three characters including Jawi (), Chinese () and Tamil ().

The IDN that is not contains ASCII characters aimed for helping people who looking for sites contained the non-ASCII characters like Chinese, Tamil and Jawi characters. This IDN services addressed the difficulty experienced by million of people who type in the web addresses of a site, which use the three non-latin scripts allowed by domain registry.

The IDN registration fees will be waived for the first year. will also give the registrant with extra free web hosting for 30 days, free email account, free DNS hosting and etc.

Not only organization that get benefit from the introduction of IDN, but also other consumers such as students, individuals, libraries, bloggers will also get the benefits in reaching their targeted customer with the Internationalized domain name at their own native characters. Further information about IDN will be available at

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Communication for online business with SmarterTools

The first most important task in business is the need for the seller to communicate with its prospects. Without any communication between the two party, there would be no understanding between them and a business deal could not possibly happen. That’s just common sense with all relationships that requires communication. But what’s important is to create an effective and strong communication system for business.

One that would manage your business communication and give you the control of globalized usage and at the same time provide thorough report would be an ideal communication tool.  Email system is one of the most prominent method for business communication. When considering over such important communication tool, there are a few important things to look out when choosing one. It should be accessible and transferable to other mainstream webmail such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and Windows Live.

This migration option allows the user to easily access, view and sends out their emails conveniently at anytime from these channels of webmail. As email are often saved for reference purposes, you may find yourself to have emails that have been accumulated for more than a year. Having an email system that provides a full archiving system helps to save the trouble to search through thousands of emails.

But today, we need more things to communicate and understand our prospects and clients, we need not only for ourselves, but also our website. That’s when SEO comes into play. Having the right SEO tools is essential to every business that relies on their website. That’s why, a powerful blend of communication tool is required to achieve a continuous business success. SmarterTools is one of the reputable company that provides such all these important features of an email.

You can enjoy the benefits of these features with who is the partner of SmarterTools

Saving money and energy with dedicated server

Many companies want to have exclusivity for their server hosting of their websites. This gives them the freedom to reserve the space only for their own use. Being isolated from other accounts such as from a shared hosting service, many companies do so by hosting their websites using their own servers in their own office. These include creating an expensive in-house datacenter facility to support their servers everyday.

The overall cost of hosting their own website in their own office would sums up to a more expensive budget as this will include buying a costly server, hiring specialized personals to manage and maintain the servers from time to time and having to pay large cost of facility accommodation to support the servers which include high electricity, air conditioning and specially made infrastructure to protect the servers.

Another matter to reconsider about hosting personal servers is the availability of power redundancy. Most buildings are not build on a prepared unlimited power supply, only special buildings made for hotels, hospitals or banks are usually prepared with the these special facility. What’s even more costly is in the event of failure from any aspects, this can cause downtime and the reputation of the website and company will suffer.

This however can be avoided if one choose to host with a reliable web hosting service provider which truly save all the technical troubles and gives you a peace of mind to focus on improving your business. Try to get a reliable web hosting service.

Web hosting control panel

When you buy a web hosting service from any web hosting provider, you’ll be sure to see a list of options for different types of control panel that you can choose from. The choice of control panel allows you to manage your web’s content, create FTP and email accounts, track statistical visit of your website and use other features that comes with your control panel.

Most web owners would be familiar when they hear the name Cpanel control panel as it is one of the most common choice of control panel among users due to its convenience, features and accessibility. Some people judge the quality of the web hosting service by looking at the types of control panel they offer, however this should not be the case to evaluate the quality of the service as different types of control panels have different contributes and the real quality should be measured with the consistency of uptime and the support that the web hosting are providing instead.

Though Cpanel is one of the most commonly used control panel, there are others that users often missed out for consideration. Other control panel systems include cPane, Plesk, H-Sphere, Ensim, DirectAdmin, Interworx, Helm, Hosting Accelerator, InsPanel and CWIPanel. But when evaluating the differences among these control panels look into the availability of the basic features such as Mail Manager, Parked Domains, Addon Domains, FTP Manager, File Manager, Disk Usage, Backup, Password Protect directories, MySQL Manager, Redirects, Frontpage Extensions, Error Log, IP Deny manager, Index Manager, Network Tools, Web/FTP Stats, CGI Center, Raw Access Logs and SSL Manager. These are some of the essential features that should be available on any control panel service.

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How to make Flash content SEO friendly

Making a website SEO friendly is always a concern for the web developers and it is important for every website to fully utilize every tool that they can best make use for their contents. There are many setup that can be done to make sure that every pages and all contents are properly indexed by the search engine with the right keyword. With HTML and text rich format, it can be done by applying meta keywords, meta descriptions, meta title and etc.

The work for this insertion is even easier these days as we have powerful content management system such as WordPress that comes with SEO plugin features. All meta insertion to make the content more search engine friend can be easily edited on the backend. But what about Flash based sites with Flash fully integrated as their whole content, would it be possible to make it SEO friendly? The answer is below for a yes.

For any Flash-heavy web content, using SWFObject is useful to allow search engines to index Flash based contents. By creating HTML pages that mirrors page content such as home, about us and contact us enable search engine crawlers to index the text, links and pictures to it. Just like normal HTML, include traffic driven keyword messages and feature it in the Flash content.

Make sure you get a reliable web hosting that will be consistent with it’s uptime so your Flash content will be indexed as effective and HTML. Try

Video Sales Letter

Sales letter is one of the most important element of marketing a product through a website. A good sales letter is able to address the concern of the visitors, provide them solutions and be influential enough to make them feel interested to find out more about the product and eventually purchase it. It is the first impressions as a landing page that will help to convert visitors into your clients. Today however not everyone is enthusiastic enough to read a lengthy page of words, and neither many sellers are passionate to write such masterpiece.

Fortunately, anyone can create a video sales letter, which is simpler and more effective to deliver an influential message. The fact is most people browse through pages than reading it because there is just too much information to absorb on the internet. But as the trend move towards with better internet speed and new media demand such as online streaming video, many things began to change. From entertainment to business and education you can see wide array of resources that are presented in video format. The trend of video communication and entertainment are also participated by Youtube, video web-seminar and video sales letter.

Most people prefer to relax and enjoy a video presentation than taking the extra effort to read and understand a written news. It’s just like watching TV, most people spend a good amount of time watching TV addictively because it’s enjoyable. Same concept on video sales letter, it’s more enjoyable to watch. People are also more susceptible to being in a trance state and are more suggestible especially if the content is presented in a form of education or documentary.

There are many good reasons why people should begin using video sales letter. These include for being different and unique to the visitors in most market, create a better impression and more attention-grabbing, does not require good copywriting skills, easier and faster to understand than sales letter, more influential communication and can potentially create higher conversion rate for a website.

Creating a video sales letter follows the same structure as one would do in a written sales letter. It must have a greeting, identifying the problem the visitor faces and propose a product/solution. A voiceover can also be used to support graphical statistics and charts for a more interesting and promising video sales letter.  Videos can be hosted on an external video database such as Youtube but to have better control and protection over the accessibility and copyright of the video, it can be hosted under a reliable web hosting provider.

The production cost for a video can also be at minimal. Anyone can use a webcam or even a video recorder on a handphone to produce a fair quality of video presentation, and with some touch up using some editing software would look more presentable. Those who are skilful with design and animation software can create higher quality for a better impression of a video sales letter. Instead of using the budget to hire a copywriter, consider using voice talent or artificial voice provider to be the voiceover of the video sales letter.

How to create an auto-generative content

Content is the king for any website or blog. It is what matters most to the visitors and search engines, and constant update of new content is significant. But keeping a flow of ideas on the content on time may not be as effective and inspirational as some irregular light bulb moments. However the lack of consistent content can cause the drop of ranking easily, especially for a blog that usually depends on the frequency and quality of posts. So a strong discipline must be carried out to create a momentous fresh content, and that leads to the idea of creating a self automated content.

A brilliant thought for anyone to think of, an automated content can save time and effort to ensure a flow of on time content to create loyal visitors coming back for more and improve the ranking on search engine. Nonetheless, everyone must remember that the content is still as always done manually before anything else is possible. This means that it is all about planning and managing the content in advance ahead of time. This may sound contradicting to your idea  but automated content would not work without you creating it first.

There are many ways to create an automated content for a website or blog. One of the simplest way is through the use of content management system such as WordPress. Originally meant for blogs, WordPress provides impressive features that allows content to be scheduled and published on a specific date and time. This helps to lessen the monitoring time of the content for updates. Setting such as keywords and categories can all be plan for different content in the most convenient way.

Another way to create an automated content is through a more complicated procedure of coding. This involves writing specific action scripts that will make the content renew or rotate by itself. The content shouls also be prepared in advance ahead of a time to make it possible. There are many automated content scripts that are available on the internet as an open source for public use. The script can vary from different patterns of command from a chronological order or update or randomized. However, these are usually used for HTML based websites or blogs.

Aside from these methods, automated content software are also available to make and manage content easier but are generally not recommended because of its repetiveness. The software works by rewriting an existing article without human intervention to create a new content. It collects different parts from the original contents and join all as a new content which can be easily recognizable with similar keywords and subject by search engine.

As the originality of content counts most for all search results, it should be created in a way that gives value to your reader, so the first two methods are more recommended to create an automated content.

The money back guarantee

If you skim through any products or services on a website, you’ll probably notice some familiar phrases like ‘risk free trial’ ‘double your money back’, ‘order now and decide later’, ‘no risk’ and last but no least ‘money back guarantee’. This has become a frequent tool and feature in most business to secure the confidence of visitors and prospects. It is as a form of free trial and helps to reinforce mindset, believability and credibility of the product. The money-back-guarantee feature has become a standard idea of trustworthiness for many.

Considering in the context of web hosting, there are generally two types of ‘trial’ that are given to the prospect – X –days guarantee and X-days for trial (usually for 30 days and 7 days standard) Most visitors do feel more convinced to see either of these to appear in a product that they’re in, because the product conveys confidence. But when talking about web hosting, the two trials might be different in expectation.

The ‘7 days trial’ for web hosting usually uses a test server to host a site. This also means different performance compare to the actual server that will be used to host your site after seven days of trial. After the trial period, all files located on the test server will be transferred to a different server environment where other factors of server capacity and speed may not be what you have been experiencing from a trial server.

Thus the performance of your website may differ greatly. An experience from a trial server may not be a realistic expectation after the trial period. On the other hand, the money back guarantee gives a more realistic expectation from the actual experience of trial and does not require the transfer of files after the end of a trial period. Other products and services can be applied similarly in web hosting.

If you’re a merchant and are considering to use a trial for your products to boost the confidence of your visitors, you might want to think about the conditions for the procedure if they choose not to proceed with buying or request for their money back. For example in the ‘money back guarantee’, how straight forward the procedure to get their money back will also determine if the customer will trust this feature or not. The procedure should not be too long and complicated. But more importantly, it should look genuine. Partners With Smartertools

Kuala Lumpur, August 12 – Web hosting provider a href= is proud to announce a partnership with a href= target=_blankSmarterTools Inc/a, to provide customers with communication software services at no cost. said that this collaboration is formed to provide customers an effective and feature rich application software (SmarterMail, SmarterTrack, and SmarterStats) to enhance their business communications.

”After providing SmarterTools’ products to our customers for more than three years, we found Smartertools to be the user-friendliest product, so we’ve decided to explore a new partnership with Smartertool to bring more enhancements of our services to customers.” said Alfred Lim, chief executive officer of a href=

Alfred also highlighted among the new features that would enhance users’ experiences in the Smartermail 6.x include the new antispam measures, enhanced outlook synchronization, microsoft exchange ActiveSync Add-on, improved message archiving, improved mailing lists and more. (Visit a href=http:// target=_blank

The three SmarterTool software services (SmarterMail, SmarterTrack, and SmarterStats) is a rich-feature application of mail service, interactive functionality and analytical tool that provides detailed statistics, all at no cost when purchase any of the web hosting packages from

The SmarterTool software services are business communication tools suitable for small to medium sized firm.

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strongAbout SmarterTools Inc/strong

SmarterTools is an information technology (IT) management software company that builds applications to simplify and automate the day-to-day operation of business. With a diverse product line, SmarterTools has targeted various small businesses, web hosts and internet service providers and has grown its install base with customers in over 100 countries. SmarterTools was founded in 2003 and is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona.  strong/strong


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