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Registration for IDN Jawi, Chinese and Tamil now Open!

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – September 20, 2011 – Malaysia pioneer web hosting provider Webserver.com.my, today announced the new Registration for abbreviation of Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) that will be available to existing .my registrant from 20 September 2011 to 30 November 2011. The registration of IDN also known as multilingual domain name allows the registrant


Communication for online business with SmarterTools

The first most important task in business is the need for the seller to communicate with its prospects. Without any communication between the two party, there would be no understanding between them and a business deal could not possibly happen. That’s just common sense with all relationships that requires communication. But what’s important is to


Saving money and energy with dedicated server

Many companies want to have exclusivity for their server hosting of their websites. This gives them the freedom to reserve the space only for their own use. Being isolated from other accounts such as from a shared hosting service, many companies do so by hosting their websites using their own servers in their own office.


Web hosting control panel

When you buy a web hosting service from any web hosting provider, you’ll be sure to see a list of options for different types of control panel that you can choose from. The choice of control panel allows you to manage your web’s content, create FTP and email accounts, track statistical visit of your website


How to make Flash content SEO friendly

Making a website SEO friendly is always a concern for the web developers and it is important for every website to fully utilize every tool that they can best make use for their contents. There are many setup that can be done to make sure that every pages and all contents are properly indexed by

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Video Sales Letter

Sales letter is one of the most important element of marketing a product through a website. A good sales letter is able to address the concern of the visitors, provide them solutions and be influential enough to make them feel interested to find out more about the product and eventually purchase it. It is the


How to create an auto-generative content

Content is the king for any website or blog. It is what matters most to the visitors and search engines, and constant update of new content is significant. But keeping a flow of ideas on the content on time may not be as effective and inspirational as some irregular light bulb moments. However the lack of

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The money back guarantee

If you skim through any products or services on a website, you’ll probably notice some familiar phrases like ‘risk free trial’ ‘double your money back’, ‘order now and decide later’, ‘no risk’ and last but no least ‘money back guarantee’. This has become a frequent tool and feature in most business to secure the confidence