4 reasons why you need to start your own Online Business

Why do People not Start their Own Online Business?

There are many people who want to start their own Online Business but many of them gave up because they think starting a new online business can be very burdensome. One thing they are concern is starting new online business has no guarantees of success. Thinking of scarifying a stable income for an uncertain business and unsure payday also tend to provoke fear.

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Make sure your domain name remain alive.

“Many business owners, has put time and effort to make sure increasing revenue so the profit. In other words maximizing return of investment from a website domain name and hosting. We often forget the importance of domain name and hosting renewals that we should do yearly. Therefore, Make sure your domain name remains alive|Hosting renewals”

Hosting Renewals

As most domain name and hosting providers are busy providing support  thousands of domain name or web site hosting services. They don’t send reminder calls via phone. They notify often website domain name owner, about the domain name and the hosting renewal via emails.

Providers send out automated renewal notification email 30 days, 14 days, 7 days, 3 days  or 1 day before the expiry. So what business owners have to do next to ensure that their domain name and hosting services remain alive?

Providers received tens or hundreds of bank remittance of similar amount shown in their statements daily and will never be able to identify the payer unless the payer send in their remittance proof.

To ensure that the domain name and hosting services are renewed promptly, remember to fax or email the remittance proof and take the effort to call the provider to acknowledge the receipts of the remittance.

Doing so will ensure no disruption of business email communications and website transaction to the web domain name. Furthermore, web site belongs to the business owner.


Better still if it could renew for multiple years to save time from this hassle after all a domain name normally cost only between RM35 to RM150 a year in comparison to the thousands or millions of Ringgit of revenue that one might get in return from a working domain name and hosting.

On a side note, please ask for discount for multiple year renewal!!

Enterprise Business Email Plan

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – September 12, 2011 – Malaysia pioneer web hosting provider Webserver.com.my, today announced the new Enterprise Business Email Plan. It is designed to meet the most demanding user’s needs who seeking for reliable email hosting solution at reasonable price.

The Enterprise business email plan aimed in providing businesses with latest extra anti-virus protection features. Which assured businesses with Free Virus and junk- free emails to mailboxes.

The Enterprise Business Email plan and collaboration services features with Enterprise SmarterMail version 8 make this plan a complete package. So, Enterprise user to help businesses connect with customer, employees and partners which lead to increase in company productivity.

With SmarterMail mail server, it provides over-the-air synchronization support. With this service, user can synchronize the Email, calendar, contacts and tasks from Pc to mobile devices on market including iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Android and other Smartphones.

The new plan now enriched with extra huge mail space and extra data transfer package. It is specially tailored for Webserver’s client to increase client performance especially in handling email.

In addition to that, organizations  are now able to focus on their core business. The reason is webserver.com.my now increasing the speed, the data transfer, the mail space as well as increasing anti-virus protection to remove the hassle from client in the new plan. Further information is available at http://www.webserver.com.my/services/enterprise-business-email-plan

About Webserver.com.my

Webserver.com.my is a well establish and trusted web hosting provider in Malaysia since 1998. With more than 12 years experience in hosting industries. webserver.com.my able to provide most secure and stable platform.  It is also a reliable benchmark for multiple backup of server hosting. Webserver.com.my provides a reliable 24/7 last mile application supports to clients. That’s how it stands out compare to other web hosting companies in Malaysia. More information about Webserver.com.my is available at http://www.webserver.com.my.

The benefits of Microsoft SPLA

Service Provider License Agreement

SPLA is a program under Microsoft to help clients and users by offering the latest Microsoft software and upgrades through an affordable price.One can avail it from a provider of services or independent software vendors. And their role is to provide clients with the latest updates of software and licensing under an affordable and simple way for clients to enjoy.

Organizations such as web hosting services that hosted Microsoft software would benefit their clients through a customized service. That includes a flexible cost structure and with no start up cost. Customer support on software licensing is one of the main concerns that clients would look out for. SPLA ensures the lowest cost for clients when it comes to software updates.

One of the key benefits about the SPLA is the difference of how it provides money value to hosting clients. Unlike the traditional way of software evaluation, most have to be paid before even knowing if it is the right software to be used. With SPLA, clients can have access to the latest versions of Microsoft software and products. Furthermore, they can test it before buying it for better decision-making factor.

Webserver.com.my is part of the SPLA program that offers these services to clients, to find out more, visit www.webserver.com.my

Benefits of having your web hosting hosted under Malaysia Internet Exchange

When it comes to web hosting, many people only have some basic considerations to fulfill whatever that is necessary to host a website. These include the specifications on the web hosting service, be it a shared hosting, virtual private server or dedicated server. The other factor that would determine their choice of hosting would be the price.  These two factors are equally important for choosing a suitable hosting service, but there are other aspects. One of those that can make a difference to your website is knowing if your web host service is part of any Internet exchange points. Let’s have a look at the Benefits of web hosting hosted under Malaysia Internet exchange program. 

In total there are more than 14 Internet service providers. They are signed up under the Malaysia Internet exchange point to this time. Before this, most Internet access service providers would similarly face issues in competitively priced broadband service to meet demands of customers. These Internet service providers would route their local IP traffic to other countries. e.g.  United States, Singapore and Hong Kong, who were offering better quality traffic management.

Today almost every country has at least one local Internet exchange point. In Malaysia it is fortunate enough that there’s one that doesn’t rely on other country. To some people, this seems insignificant. But to the country, it has successfully helped to save millions of dollars worth of Internet traffic access if it is to depend on the Internet exchange point of another country.

Hence any website that is hosted under the web hosting providers that shares the same data center and facility. The reason is; Malaysia Internet exchange point would be beneficial and supported by multiple ISP. This becomes more reliable when it comes to redundancy of connectivity. Having alternative of multiple Internet service provider would definitely mean more reliability and uptime consistency for web hosting.

Webserver.com.my is hosted in a datacenter located at the central hub of Kuala Lumpur where business is at peak. It is also where the Malaysia internet exchange takes place.

How Conferencecall.com become successful with email marketing

With any email that we glimpse through, we only managed to be really attracted to the ones that we find meaningful and interesting enough for us to read further and click on it. The success of email marketing are based on action oriented objective where email writers are focused intuitively and logically on what really makes people read and click on it without much exaggeration or cliché. People recipients only scan through their emails for a split second, creating that impact on the subject line and the content message is important.

Conferencecall.com was one that was able to successful increase open rates of email of 45 – 50 percent. Their email marketing campaign’s message was clear and the call to action was upfront. By understanding recipients usually do not read everything that is written on an email, most important points should be stated clearly without lengthy paragraph. And if they do click, it means there’s a real need of the product that you are offering to the recipient.

Instead of putting all messages into one email, Conferencecall.com send a sequence of short emails of 4 weeks gap that helps to educate with call to action. Using friendly tone and bullet point forms, the email was kept to be as simple as possible. With each week of follow up, the email offers reward programs and free promos that are direct and intriguing to most recipients.

Each of their direct messages was able to trigger high open rates and click through rates. Conferencecall.com has also embrace email as their most preferred method of communication with its clients. Thus this builds better credibility for people who receive their emails in future.

How to monetize your website?

Having a website today serves more purposes than just merely providing information to anyone these days. A website can help to expand your business and build better relationship with your clients and better reputation for your business. But aside from that, a website can also be your alternative channel of income if you know how to monetize it correctly. Instead of using those traffics to convert them into your customers, you can also leverage on the volume of your traffic to earn some extra cash.

Your website is more than just selling your products or providing information to the public. It also serves as a platform for marketers to exchange traffic and transaction. If you website welcomes more than thousands of visitors in a day, then you can say that the number of traffic that you receive daily is your site’s asset. By that it means that the traffic is perceivably valuable to many people who find the nature of your website to be relevant.

The first way to monetize your website and if your website is about providing information to public is about selling relevant products to the information that you’re providing. For example if your site talks about weight loss tips then you can sell something about some nutritional food that will help with weight control. This doesn’t mean that you will need to have the product by yourself. Because the Internet has allowed many ways to make money online and one of the best ways is through affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative and most used method to make money online. There are people who merely create new websites just to sell other people’s products. In affiliate marketing, you’ll be earning in a form of commission by endorsing their products with your site’s content. There will be a system that will be used to trace purchases that comes from your website.

Some may also find your website’s traffic to be highly targeted for market research. For those who find your visitors demographic to be match able for research, you will be offered to be paid for a survey or poll research. Your visitors will provide valuable information to people who wants to find out more about consumer behaviors. Your site also holds valuable space for people who would like to place their ads on your site. This is one of the most popular ways to monetize your website, through advertising revenue.

Benefits of using WordPress

Whether you are building a website yourself or someone is doing it for you, make sure that it is being supported as WordPress content management system because the benefits of using WordPress is simply amazing! You might be hiring someone to do all the work of web developing for you, and you might not be familiar with the technical area of a website such as HTML and programming matters. But with WordPress, you can be sure that everything is as easy as it is.

With WordPress as content management system, you can be sure to have easy control over your site’s content regardless of technical literacy in HTML. WordPress offers multiple users to access the backend of the site at anytime. This means anyone with given permission can access and change the content of their website at any time at all.

In fact if you are keen to try on WordPress, it would be easier than you thought to create a complete website using some of the pre-installed template. WordPress has abundance of resources for you to choose from the plugins and also the theme’s for websites. There are many third party that are developing new themes for WordPress everyday, some are free and some are not. But what it really gives you is the complete control as a user with minimum technical knowledge required.

Aside from having that full control over the website. You website stands a better chance to beat others in search engine. WordPress is known for one of the best content management system that provides great on-page SEO feature. This means you can easily customize the keywords that will help to improve the visibility of the search result in search engine.

Why choose WHMCS for e-commerce?

WHMCS: Web Hosting Billing & Automation Platform

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this system you may start to ask what is WHMCS? Well it’s one of the most popular billing system for e-commerce that you’ll see on most e-commerce websites. There are definitely more billing management system such as AWBS and Clientexec. But for this article let’s just take a look at why WHMCS is usually the most preferred system.

Having a good billing management system is about having a good foundation for you to manage your business and transaction. WHMCS simply provides you with an easy way to create packages for your products. Then you can setup those products on the shopping cart in your website. It provides a wonderful managing system for you to create new products and can bundle different things together.

WHMCS automates a lot of tasks for you. Shopping cart integration and automatic invoicing is probably one of the best features for making it a choice for so many people. Aside from that, managing your clients’s questions and feedback through WHMCS’s built-in support ticketing system is a fantastic way. It will help you to improve your service and relationship with your clients.

Furthermore, the support system from WHMCS comes with basic features. For instance multiple departments for handling different categories of services, multiple staff managements, ticket escalation and more. It is naturally one of the best tool that any Internet entrepreneur would look forward to having.

Key challenges for email marketing

When it comes to email marketing, one must be aware that there are three main challenges that await every email marketer to deal with. These include the initial challenge of going through the spam blocking, eliciting genuine interest to create enough of open rates and lastly, being able to hold their attention to generate high click through rate. So let’s delve deeper into each of them.

The initial stage as stated to bypass the spam blocking is a work of ensuring that your email will not be rejected or diverted into spam filters. This is the most important step to be sure about as the rest would not be useful if this is not assured properly. By ensuring your email will not be blocked or marked as spam mail, you must basically not make your email look like a spam email. This include ensuring sensitive keywords that must be avoided. Words such as credit cards, bankruptcy, pharmacy, free money and etc are all common words that usually doesn’t even need spam filter to do the filtering job, because these words are so commonly known as spam keywords, even human would

The next challenge is to get high open rates of your email. Now congrats on passing through the spam filters of an email, but now it’s time the time to work on the hook of the email – subject line. The subject line is the first hook that must capture your recipient’s sight at all cost! Get it right and you will create enough of interest for them to open your mail, do it wrong and your email will end up in trash before having it’s chance to present it’s contents. State the fact, but also state what they would like to hear without much exaggeration.

The last part of the email challenge is to get them to actually click at the content. After all the work in ensuring your email getting pass the spam filter and having it being opened, your two steps closer to getting them to where you want. The success of this step varies differently on the emails content and the relevancy of the recipients. If of the key factors to ensure high click through rate is by having the right content matching the right recipients. With all that in place, having the call to action is the single most important thing in the email content.