Reaching your customers using Email Marketing (+Infographic)


Email marketing is essentially the online version of direct mail. Instead of sending fliers and coupons to a customer’s home, email marketing sends those same items digitally to a customer’s inbox. Approximately 97 percent of businesses are using email marketing to try to convert email recipients into buyers. It must be working because,  Smith-Harmon survey says, 76 percent of subscribers have made purchases from an email marketing message.

Cost effectiveness

Email Blasting service has high volume of HTML/ text emails to get started, design tools to develop eye-catching messages. In addition to that contact-management solutions to collect and store customer email addresses as well. However, it allows you to email niche target clients. And the notable points are; with increased economic flexibility and deliver personalized and targeted email messages without any startup cost.

Anytime, Anywhere

Not only does E-mail blasting service help sync the running of your business, you also look more polished and professional when you hand it out on your business card to potential clients. Furthermore, with this service and the intuitive webmail interface that you can access from anywhere in the world. You’ll be able to spend more time with your clients on any device and less time stuck at a desk.

Real time tracking and extensive reporting

By using Email Blasting Service, you will not only reach to your big number of customers in a moment, but it makes easy for your business to mark consumer behavior. As you can track patterns that emerge when you send emails. For example, which emails you have received, which ones went to addresses that were no longer active, which ones were opened, which ones were deleted before they were read and which ones enticed clients to click through to the website and make a purchase. It gives you opportunity to track how your campaign is doing in real time. You do so by utilizing inbuilt advanced tracking engine. It also generates reports of your campaign in text or graphical charts.


The use of email within a business can greatly increase productivity for employees. Hence a quick way to increase sales as well.

Good luck and good selling!

Lester Chan –

Since a week ago, was plagued with limited server resource issues. Our visitors have been experiencing frequent error messages displayed on their web browsers such as “database error, error establishing a database connection” or “http 500 internal server error, the website cannot display the page”.

We have identified the cause of the problem to a recent policy change by our web host, who implemented CPU, memory and data entry process capping on every website hosted on their servers. Well, we were told that the changes are suppose to improve the server performance but for several days in a row it did nothing more than causing hardship to our visitors and drove away plenty of unaccounted traffic. As a result, our domain suffered a sudden increase of bounce visits.

We leave no room for compromise in our strict standards of customer service, including overall visitor experience at our domain. Because of this we have come to conclusion that we need to move on before our web traffic drops to miserable levels.

As you are reading this, we have already migrated our web-store and techblog to another server and so far we are happy with the new hardware performance and services provided by Acme Commerce Sdn Bhd, the company behind

Thanks Prem and the rest of you in the technical support department at, for your kind assistance in helping us with this migration.

How to prevent your ranking from dropping?

Internet helps your business to reach the world faster and more efficiently, and as fast as you reach them as fast as you could lose them in the game of search engine optimisation. If you website if not within the top 10 or the first page of search engine, then you are not really playing the game of search engine optimisation. Most visitors would not even look at the end of what the search engine is offering in their result, needless to say those that are put beyond page 2 and away has almost zero chances of reaching their visitors even their site is indexed by the search engine.

Now there are many programs and services that offer the best you can get in search engine optimisation and how your site can seamlessly get to the top ten of search result targeting some keyword phrases. That may just be true depending on the level of competition and how much of effort is being put into work of link building. But have you ever wonder what some of the SEO claims would sound challenging for making promises that your site will be on the top ten considering what if there are 20 clients from the same industry competing for the same or similar keyword. Wouldn’t this mean 10 of their clients would eventually be left out or only able to reach the top 20 of search result?

There are many methods outlined by many internet guru that promises that quick boost of SEO but as fast as you gain it, you can lose it fast as well. So what’s important after getting the right ranking is to keep it. One thing you must ensure in your quest for good ranking is to get a reliable web hosting and domain hosting provider, I can’t stress this enough but to point out how can your site be possibly reached by the visitors or search engine’s crawler to maintain your ranking when it’s not even up on the internet?

Consistency in building links and creating quality content is another important principle that must be remembered. Many people eventually got slip off from the top ten because of inconsistent work. People do get lazy, especially after seeing such proud result from search result that their site is on top. But keep this passion up to write good content and build more backlinks so your site would not be outnumbers by others.

Communication for online business with SmarterTools

The first most important task in business is the need for the seller to communicate with its prospects. Without any communication between the two party, there would be no understanding between them and a business deal could not possibly happen. That’s just common sense with all relationships that requires communication. But what’s important is to create an effective and strong communication system for business.

One that would manage your business communication and give you the control of globalized usage and at the same time provide thorough report would be an ideal communication tool.  Email system is one of the most prominent method for business communication. When considering over such important communication tool, there are a few important things to look out when choosing one. It should be accessible and transferable to other mainstream webmail such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and Windows Live.

This migration option allows the user to easily access, view and sends out their emails conveniently at anytime from these channels of webmail. As email are often saved for reference purposes, you may find yourself to have emails that have been accumulated for more than a year. Having an email system that provides a full archiving system helps to save the trouble to search through thousands of emails.

But today, we need more things to communicate and understand our prospects and clients, we need not only for ourselves, but also our website. That’s when SEO comes into play. Having the right SEO tools is essential to every business that relies on their website. That’s why, a powerful blend of communication tool is required to achieve a continuous business success. SmarterTools is one of the reputable company that provides such all these important features of an email.

You can enjoy the benefits of these features with who is the partner of SmarterTools

Ebay for ecommerce – a different ball game in business

When it comes to business, you just don’t want to miss the ball like how Robert Green from England did on the recent World Cup game against US. That would be just a too costly lesson not only for him, but to the world who’s involved in the game. Well, business isn’t even a game, it involves reputation and it involves money. So knowing where to start your business safely is a good decision to make.

Ebay, unlike selling in a personal Ecommerce website gives the seller more freedom and power to sell their products in a larger volume. Because of the traffic Ebay receives everyday, and potential buyers and sellers sums up to thousands of transaction everyday. Being part of this Ecommerce business means exposing your business to greater chances of product visibility and potential buyers.

Reliable selling and buying platform is what any entrepreneurs should be looking in any ecommerce platform and Ebay is a great way to reach that. Ebay created a great algorithm to manage sellers and buyers in a systematic way that protects both of them. The procedure of selling and buying in a Ebay has been proven for many people to make transactions safely on Ebay.

Credibility is one of the main factors why people choose to buy or not to buy from you. On Ebay, credibility has a fair way of its own saying through feedbacks from buyers. The result of the selling speaks for itself where potential buyers can do enough of research about the credibility of the products and the services that are being sold. Sellers can be promoted to Power Seller ranking through time and positive feedback from customers.

Because Ebay acts as a third party platform that bridge the gap between potential customers and sellers, it creates better credibility for a seller especially when they have been promoted to a Power Seller. However this form of third party endorsement does not happen on a personal ecommerce website.

Customisation and security are also another great reason why Ebay gives better reason for seller to choose. As an Ebay seller, one can customize the theme of their page, if they intend to sell variety of products and services and also because Ebay primarily endorse PayPal as a payment method, it enhances the security and confidence of buyers to make payment online.

KB Lim –

“Your team has been proactive in suggesting new ideas and solutions whenever any problem arises. As a demanding corporation, it certainly was a pleasure and comfort dealing with people who are always ready to devote enough attention to set things right.

Unfortunately, in this day and age everyone seems to be too focused on either ‘How cheap they can buy something’ or ‘How cheap they can get something done’ and time after time people just simply do not get what they pay for. Fortunately for us, our dealings with Acme not only led to very competitive rates for the services rendered but through the experience and professionalism of your staff, Acme Commerce Sdn Bhd was able to maximize our return beyond our expectations from the day of the sale.

I have no hesitation to commend on your staff for their professional approach and excellent attitude placed on customer service in ensuring that our website is readily accessible at all times.

With the highly skilled team of yours and provision of excellent service, it makes it even more the reason to continue to subscribe to your services. and we laud your effort and hope it will continue in the same vein in the future. As long as you continue to maintain this high level of service excellence, I am confident that you would succeed in securing new business opportunities.”

KB Lim

Jeff Blatt –

“The service was first class and highly professional, and their assistance was invaluable in launching our business. Today, a company has many choices in selecting a web hosting firm as the work can be done from almost anywhere on the Net, however, it is hard to imagine us obtaining any better service than that provided by Acme. We recommend Acme to any company seeking web hosting services.”

Jeff Blatt