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Reaching your customers using Email Marketing (+Infographic)

Email marketing is essentially the online version of direct mail. Instead of sending fliers and coupons to a customer’s home, email marketing sends those same items digitally to a customer’s inbox. Approximately 97 percent of businesses are using email marketing to try to convert email recipients into buyers. It must be working because, according to


Merry Christmas And Happy New Year!

  HO Ho Ho! As the holiday season approaches, would like to take this opportunity to wish A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2012 to all our clients, Partners, Resellers, employees, friends and families. May the holiday season and the new year filled with much joy, happiness and success.  


Lester Chan –

Since a week ago, was plagued with limited server resource issues. Our visitors have been experiencing frequent error messages displayed on their web browsers such as “database error, error establishing a database connection” or “http 500 internal server error, the website cannot display the page”. We have identified the cause of the problem to


How to prevent your ranking from dropping?

Internet helps your business to reach the world faster and more efficiently, and as fast as you reach them as fast as you could lose them in the game of search engine optimisation. If you website if not within the top 10 or the first page of search engine, then you are not really playing


Communication for online business with SmarterTools

The first most important task in business is the need for the seller to communicate with its prospects. Without any communication between the two party, there would be no understanding between them and a business deal could not possibly happen. That’s just common sense with all relationships that requires communication. But what’s important is to


Ebay for ecommerce – a different ball game in business

When it comes to business, you just don’t want to miss the ball like how Robert Green from England did on the recent World Cup game against US. That would be just a too costly lesson not only for him, but to the world who’s involved in the game. Well, business isn’t even a game,


Jeff Blatt –

“The service was first class and highly professional, and their assistance was invaluable in launching our business. Today, a company has many choices in selecting a web hosting firm as the work can be done from almost anywhere on the Net, however, it is hard to imagine us obtaining any better service than that provided