Keep your email communication protected with SSL

SSL Certificate

One of a most common vector to attack a company is its email.  According to a recent study, there are about 2.5 billion email users worldwide.  And a huge volume of documents are shared over email. So, is email a secure way to share files? Probably not! In last two years 60% of companies have experienced a data breach, and reason for majority of attacks was poor email security practices. So, try keeping your email communication protected with SSL.

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4 Benefits of Email Archive for Financial Institutions

Communication in Corporate World

Most of the communication in corporate world takes place in the form of emails. On the importance of emails research says that employees spend most of their time working with emails. Moreover, 75% of the emails contain intellectual property of a company. There are some regulations which require businesses to comply with certain acts e.g., Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In this scenario, financial institutions are no exception and these institutions are highly regulated.

Besides Bankruptcy, Email can also trouble Financial Institutions

These regulatory acts require the financial institutions to maintain good email archive in order to achieve compliance with the regulatory bodies. It is a compliance requirement for these institutions retain and produce records when asked by the regulator. In addition, there is a need of proper and reliable disaster recovery solution and business continuity. Banks, insurance companies, and hedge funds must guarantee the protection of their customers’ account information.

Regulatory compliance, disaster recovery, business continuity and some other benefits can be achieved by subscribing to a proper email archive solution. Other benefits of archiving your emails include:

  • Accessibility – With Email Archiving Solution, company stores all of the emails in cloud in a central place.  Last one year’s history of the company emails is accessible 24/7. It means that email archive can store company’s email for up to 1 year. It also includes attachments.
  • Compliance – It is a requirement for financial institutions to safeguard customer account and transaction information. They need to have a proper disaster recovery and compliance solution in order to meet strict regulations. Email Archiving provides these institutions with the feature to retain historical email data and efficiency for eDiscovery.
  • Managing Storage – Placing emails in a centralized location minimizes the risk of loss of data. It ensures that emails are not stored on theft-prone or failure-prone local systems. Collecting your company’s emails in archives also moves the burden of maintaining primary server’s data centers. Less strain on email servers will also ensure the improved performance.
  • Minimum Investment – With Email Archiving Solution, companies place emails on cloud which requires minimum or zero infrastructure costs. There are other alternatives available for archiving emails which require companies to bear infrastructure and maintenance costs.

Reaching your customers using Email Marketing (+Infographic)


Email marketing is essentially the online version of direct mail. Instead of sending fliers and coupons to a customer’s home, email marketing sends those same items digitally to a customer’s inbox. Approximately 97 percent of businesses are using email marketing to try to convert email recipients into buyers. It must be working because,  Smith-Harmon survey says, 76 percent of subscribers have made purchases from an email marketing message.

Cost effectiveness

Email Blasting service has high volume of HTML/ text emails to get started, design tools to develop eye-catching messages. In addition to that contact-management solutions to collect and store customer email addresses as well. However, it allows you to email niche target clients. And the notable points are; with increased economic flexibility and deliver personalized and targeted email messages without any startup cost.

Anytime, Anywhere

Not only does E-mail blasting service help sync the running of your business, you also look more polished and professional when you hand it out on your business card to potential clients. Furthermore, with this service and the intuitive webmail interface that you can access from anywhere in the world. You’ll be able to spend more time with your clients on any device and less time stuck at a desk.

Real time tracking and extensive reporting

By using Email Blasting Service, you will not only reach to your big number of customers in a moment, but it makes easy for your business to mark consumer behavior. As you can track patterns that emerge when you send emails. For example, which emails you have received, which ones went to addresses that were no longer active, which ones were opened, which ones were deleted before they were read and which ones enticed clients to click through to the website and make a purchase. It gives you opportunity to track how your campaign is doing in real time. You do so by utilizing inbuilt advanced tracking engine. It also generates reports of your campaign in text or graphical charts.


The use of email within a business can greatly increase productivity for employees. Hence a quick way to increase sales as well.

Good luck and good selling!

Enterprise Business Email Plan

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – September 12, 2011 – Malaysia pioneer web hosting provider, today announced the new Enterprise Business Email Plan. It is designed to meet the most demanding user’s needs who seeking for reliable email hosting solution at reasonable price.

The Enterprise business email plan aimed in providing businesses with latest extra anti-virus protection features. Which assured businesses with Free Virus and junk- free emails to mailboxes.

The Enterprise Business Email plan and collaboration services features with Enterprise SmarterMail version 8 make this plan a complete package. So, Enterprise user to help businesses connect with customer, employees and partners which lead to increase in company productivity.

With SmarterMail mail server, it provides over-the-air synchronization support. With this service, user can synchronize the Email, calendar, contacts and tasks from Pc to mobile devices on market including iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Android and other Smartphones.

The new plan now enriched with extra huge mail space and extra data transfer package. It is specially tailored for Webserver’s client to increase client performance especially in handling email.

In addition to that, organizations  are now able to focus on their core business. The reason is now increasing the speed, the data transfer, the mail space as well as increasing anti-virus protection to remove the hassle from client in the new plan. Further information is available at

About is a well establish and trusted web hosting provider in Malaysia since 1998. With more than 12 years experience in hosting industries. able to provide most secure and stable platform.  It is also a reliable benchmark for multiple backup of server hosting. provides a reliable 24/7 last mile application supports to clients. That’s how it stands out compare to other web hosting companies in Malaysia. More information about is available at

Key challenges for email marketing

When it comes to email marketing, one must be aware that there are three main challenges that await every email marketer to deal with. These include the initial challenge of going through the spam blocking, eliciting genuine interest to create enough of open rates and lastly, being able to hold their attention to generate high click through rate. So let’s delve deeper into each of them.

The initial stage as stated to bypass the spam blocking is a work of ensuring that your email will not be rejected or diverted into spam filters. This is the most important step to be sure about as the rest would not be useful if this is not assured properly. By ensuring your email will not be blocked or marked as spam mail, you must basically not make your email look like a spam email. This include ensuring sensitive keywords that must be avoided. Words such as credit cards, bankruptcy, pharmacy, free money and etc are all common words that usually doesn’t even need spam filter to do the filtering job, because these words are so commonly known as spam keywords, even human would

The next challenge is to get high open rates of your email. Now congrats on passing through the spam filters of an email, but now it’s time the time to work on the hook of the email – subject line. The subject line is the first hook that must capture your recipient’s sight at all cost! Get it right and you will create enough of interest for them to open your mail, do it wrong and your email will end up in trash before having it’s chance to present it’s contents. State the fact, but also state what they would like to hear without much exaggeration.

The last part of the email challenge is to get them to actually click at the content. After all the work in ensuring your email getting pass the spam filter and having it being opened, your two steps closer to getting them to where you want. The success of this step varies differently on the emails content and the relevancy of the recipients. If of the key factors to ensure high click through rate is by having the right content matching the right recipients. With all that in place, having the call to action is the single most important thing in the email content.

How The History Channel become successful with email marketing

In business we learn from those who are successful. In email marketing, we do the same by understanding what works and what doesn’t. The fact that there are more and more businesses beginning to use email marketing is because people are realizing the effectiveness of it that is linked to how we are connected to the Internet on today. People have spent big costs to research and understand exactly what makes email marketing worked and from here, we can see a good example from The History Channel on how email marketing has been a successful tool to build good relationship with your public.

If you’ve ever watched The History Channel, then you probably know it’s a television programme that focuses on bringing meaningful lives and events of the past to the present to educate the public. In one of their particular campaign to create further awareness and generate more interest from the public by showing history teachers how its resources could be used to teach in classroom. The History Channel encouraged teachers to assign the TV show “Frontier homes” as homework for their students.

An interactive game was created for students to play and learn while matching historical objects with four different types of pioneer homes. From their page, teachers are able to download a study guide and email friends or colleague to create viral effect. The mailing was sent out as an internal opt-in list of history teachers. The subject line was written as “Play The History Channel Frontier Homes Challenge” and has generated great interest from many people to participate, play and learn.

Games are definitely a great way to elicit some genuine attention and participation from your email recipients as it can create excitement from them. As a result, their campaign was able to produce high registration volume and it was further forwarded to many other recipients.

How to choose an email marketing software?

When choosing an email marketing software, it is important to find out precisely what other features that comes with the software that can be of assistance to your business than just the prize alone. Email marketing software has an increasing alternative business trend to web based email marketing. There are more and more exploration on the subject of email marketing. Because of it’s effectiveness to generate leads and business conversion. It is also  a tool to build branding and public relations. But it is important to find out if the benefits of your email marketing tool is commensurable to it’s price.

Important Considerations

The first thing to consider is the amount or the mailing size of your tool. How many recipients does it support? As your business grows, so would be your contact and database. It would be wise to purchase an email marketing plan or tool that can fit the amount of your database and best to have at least 50% extra when it increases. After all, it’s always better to have more than to have least. The second thing to look for in any email marketing tool is to find out how supportive is it.

Many people underestimate the importance of support that an email marketing service provider offers.  The fact is, not many people can easily get their hands-on the tool easily without making some trial and error. Having a support system ensures that you will always be helped out of situation that gives problems in your email marketing campaign. People who experience technical problem with the tool during the campaign can also receive the necessary support as they would.

The next is to consider the accessibility and the convenience of the tool. You may not able to install and setup with ease and convenience.  Furthermore, one can also expect the hurdles like long waiting, and compare to web based email marketing, it cannot always be easily accessed. Consider the email creation features if it supports Unicode character, file attachment, email template and others that you might be expecting. Lastly, consider the feature of email tracking. As it is probably the most important thing for any research and understanding of your reader’s behaviour. This should at least include the tracking for successfully sent email, unsubscribe report and opened email reports.

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Using email template for branding

Like a website, email messages can come in different sizes and design with different templates. There are abundance of site template these days that no one is keen to take on the designing work anymore. The benefits of templates are fast and easily applicable and reusable in many ways. Similarly, the market for email templates is growing larger everyday to accompany branding purposes.

The use of e-mail Template

The use of email template prepares the sender to fit all messages into a standard theme and structure of an email. You can easily apply the links, the contents, the navigation and the images  into a themed-based template that can captivate readers better. Email has come from a long way of plain html message to interactive and graphical emails. Today the usage of email is not limited to communication only, but also to build good public relations and branding purposes.

The impression people get on your email will decide whether it will be trashed in a matter of second. The subject line is what first draws people to click on your email content. If it works, the next lead is to have them feeling comfortable with the overall impression of the email. Sometimes, bad design can lead readers to perceive the email as spam as well. Because the design conveys a form of credibility.

The reason why using email template theme for branding is useful is because it gives your message a better congruency. Having a standard and consistent template that replicate the concept of your brand would convey stronger identity. You can also use different template for different types of email function. Emails for newsletter, billing, and announcement can all be in different templates but still within the same theme. Thus email template is useful for email marketing when it comes to branding.

What spam words to avoid in email?

Have you ever wonder why did some of your emails go into junk/spam folder sometimes, or the email you sent out reached the junk/spam folder of your recipient? That’s because your email has been marked as spam by the email service provider or the recipient itself that have categorized the keywords that are considered as spam to them. As we regard most emails we send out to be important, we want to make sure that these emails would reach the recipient’s inbox safely.

Some of the common reasons why your email triggered the alarm by email spam filter system is because it contains some spam terms. This means within your message content or in the subject line contains keywords that would automatically be labelled as spam email. This happens because of the frequency of email messages that contain similar keywords to be marked as spam by many recipients, and when this happens the email service provider would automatically make record of these keywords that will be considered as spam.

Sometimes, it can also happen when the recipient have certain preference about which keyword that they would regard as spam or emails with certain keywords that they would like to filter out. To avoid being zapped out by spam filters, there are some common keywords that you should keep in mind when sculpting your message.

First, words like Viagra or any pharmaceutical brand names should be avoided for as often as possible. Anything that is closely related to gambling such as casino and so on should also be avoided. Everyday, users are helping email service provider to change how the email spam filter will behave by deciding which to mark as spam and which to white list.  Other common spam words include banking or other banking brand such as Citibank. Always try to avoid using any brand names into your content message and more importantly, as the subject line.

Another important tip to keep the email to go below the radar of spam filter is by not using adjectives or superlative words too often. Words like BEST or FREE will trigger the spam filter to react. And more importantly, do not include foul language into your message.

Tips to avoid hard and soft email bounce

When working with email marketing, one of the most common problems is to see high percentage of email bounces. In most email marketing initiative, email bounces usually consist of 5% of the overall recipients. In worst scenario, you could see a major failure of email marketing when the bounces reach more then 80%. The bounces come in hard and soft ways that leaves email marketers.

First of all, let’s get to understand the few forms of hard and soft bounces. A hard bounce is when an email address does not exist or has bad destination mailbox address or the mailbox has been moved to elsewhere. This can also be caused by the email hosting provider that does not accept network messaging. So hard bounce is usually referred as email that is being returned by a recipient’s mail server that detects any of the above mentioned failure.

A soft bounce happens when there is a temporary problem that has to do with the recipient’s email address or your email system. One of the most common scenarios is when the recipient’s email is not able to receive any email when it is full. Other reasons for soft bounces could be caused by undefined system problem or even when there are too many recipients.

To avoid hard or soft bounces, ensure that all emails are valid. Removing invalid emails from time to time would help reduce the hard bounce rates. Some email marketing service allows you to automate this process from time to time to have the invalid email addresses removed for you. You can also add an unsubscribe option to the email that can bypass some email anti-spam system. Another important tip to avoid email bounces is prevent from using high attachment files. Some server will automatically reject certain emails that contain heavy files.