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How does PHP works

PHP is a widely used scripting language that has fashionably replaced the popularity of HTML in dynamic web development. Aside from being originally invented to create a dynamic website, PHP has it effects in increasing the loading speed of a website in the visitor’s browser as it is based on a server-side execution. But how

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Web developers and designers today are opened to more options of tools to create a website. Different tools belong to different skills and expertise of an individual. From basic design interface appearance to the traditional coding language of a website, they provide an equal versatility and effectiveness to put an idea on a website. But

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Firefox vs Explorer

Choosing a suitable internet browser can be more significant for your browsing experience than merely a brand. As there are probably more than 10 internet browsers available, two of the biggest name you‘ve heard areprobably the one you use to start your internet journey everyday – Firefox and IE (Internet Explorer). Both of these Internet

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5 Tips for effective graphic design

Graphic design is one of the most important factors that determine how comfortable your visitors will be browsing your site. A good design can help to promote more sales, business leads and ROI. Criteria to design a good website include having the right font choice, colour background, theme, layout and the overall consistency. Background As

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Graphic design and web hosting

A design of a website resembles the first impression of what people perceive about a company. Every color and graphic represents a corporate identity of a website and its company. The perception a site creates will determine if the visitor will continue to stay or leave the site.  As the old saying goes, first impression