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Learn to start your own WebHosting Business.’s new EzAllowance Plan! Easy way to earn your extra money Run your business anyway you want! This hosting plan gives you complete control of every aspect of your hosting business, from resource allocation to payment method. We would do the rest. No hardware or software purchases Reduce market roll out time (immediate revenue possibilities).

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Make sure your domain name remain alive.

“For many business owners, time and effort has been put onto ensuring increasing revenue, profit or maximizing return of investment from a website domain name and hosting. Often forgotten is the importance of domain name and hosting renewals that need to be done on yearly.” As most domain name and hosting providers are busy providing

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Create a Website Quickly and Easily

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – October 11, 2011 – Malaysia pioneer web hosting provider, today introduces its brand new easy-to-use website builder for its hosting customers. The service enable users to build an attractive and professional looking website in minutes without HTML knowledge needed. Every businesses regardless the size of the organization are essential to

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How to make money from traffic

To some people, an analogy of traffic coming into a website is like money coming to their bank account. Their website exists with only perfect business sense, to generate traffic and convert the potential traffic into sales or other desired result. Some say content is the king on websites, but the more accurate and realistic

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WordPress for business

There should be equal reasons for anyone to choose between an advance web editing software or a WordPress content management system for developing a website for business. These include considering the user friendliness of the product, the optimization of search engines, features available and the effectiveness of the managing and maintaining a website for an

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Blogging for a living

The popularity of blogging and social networking has created a new market for everyone, as a legitimate profession to make a living. The new algorithm from payment gateway has opened more possibilities on more continents and increases the interest among blog enthusiast to jump onto the bandwagon to blog for a living. Blogging is considered

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Malaysia payment gateways

Years ago, it was a challenge for many Malaysians to pursue their dreams in online business. The underlying reason is because there were no direct ways for sellers to obtain their hard earned money physically. This was a result when Malaysia was considered as one of the world’s top fraudulence in credit card transaction and

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Online scam – Sequel to how to make money online

If you are inspired by the idea of making money online, you have probably gone through many disappointments to find the abundance of scams that are rising out there.  Despite this, many people are still mesmerized by the scammers’ wily presentation even after realizing the potential of it being just another scam site, we all