Offers RM 25 for all .My domain Registration


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – June 5th, 2012 – In conjunction to .my Domain Registry 25th Anniversary, Malaysia most pioneer web hosting provider, will be honored to offer a special promotion for all .my domain registration at only RM 25.


The RM 25 promotion price is applicable to all .my domain categories include .my,,,,,,, and The promotion is valid to new domain registration for the first year only.


This irresistible promotion will be started on 8th June 2012 at 5 am until 22nd June 2012 at 5 pm. The objective of the promotion is to offer client with the most affordable price to own a country code domain name. In addition to that, this is the best time for client to grab this opportunity to register any .my domain name and enjoy the lowest price at only RM 25 for each domain name.


More information about the promotion please calls our sales team at 03-20322263 or email to



About is a well establish and trusted web hosting provider in Malaysia since 1999. is one of the long established MYNIC reseller. With more than 12 years experience in hosting industries, able to provide most secure and stable platform and also a reliable benchmark for multiple backup of server hosting to client. provides a reliable 24/7 phone supports to clients, makes stands out compare to other web hosting company in Malaysia. More information is available at


Introduce Renewal Reminder on SMS.

Dear Valued Users,

Thank you for registering your domain name and/or hosting your website with We truly appreciate your continuous support.

As we continue to provide new users’ experience for all our clients, we are now at the new phase of adding more values to your business. We are glad to introduce to you the SMS renewal reminders.

Knowing the serious consequences of not renewal the said services promptly, this SMS renewal reminders will act as a supplement to the existing e-mail renewal reminders. This new services will come handy into your mobile devices at no additional charge.

Please leverage on this new service by accessing to our CRM at today to update your existing profiles(My Details). Please tick “Please send me SMS notifications” and include your mobile number to receive SMS renewal notifications.

Thank you and wishing you a pleasant day today.


Webserver Team

Create a Website Quickly and Easily

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – October 11, 2011 – Malaysia pioneer web hosting provider, today introduces its brand new easy-to-use website builder for its hosting customers. The service enable users to build an attractive and professional looking website in minutes without HTML knowledge needed. So why to wait, Create a Website Quickly and Easily.

Every businesses regardless the size of the organization are essential to have a website. This is the platform though which you promote your products as well as services worldwide. Many businesses currently do not own a website due to lack of budget. As they have to hire web designer(s) and can end up losing potential business.

For SMEs aim to help Small Medium Enterprise (SME) user to overcome the complexities. Furthermore lessen the burden of expertise required to built a professional looking website. Web builder software have allowed user to have a full control over the design and management of their web. Amazingly with no single HTML knowledge needed. Managing Director says that the user does not required to pay high cost to engage a web designer to own a professional looking website. Alfred Lim Added, “By using almost 890 customizable templates offered by, user may find it easy to create a website on their own by choosing from the varieties of templates offered.”

Other Benefits

Besides getting able to utilize website builder at no cost,’s client will enjoy a further 22% discount for its entire hosting plan. Hosting plan start with as low as RM 19.50 per month. More information about the hosting plan is available at

About is a well establish and trusted web hosting provider in Malaysia since 1999. With more than 12 years experience in hosting industries, able to provide most secured and stable platform. It is also a reliable benchmark for multiple backup of server hosting. provides a reliable 24/7 last mile application supports to clients. That’s what for which it stands out compare to other web hosting companies in Malaysia. More information about is available at

Enterprise Business Email Plan

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – September 12, 2011 – Malaysia pioneer web hosting provider, today announced the new Enterprise Business Email Plan. It is designed to meet the most demanding user’s needs who seeking for reliable email hosting solution at reasonable price.

The Enterprise business email plan aimed in providing businesses with latest extra anti-virus protection features. Which assured businesses with Free Virus and junk- free emails to mailboxes.

The Enterprise Business Email plan and collaboration services features with Enterprise SmarterMail version 8 make this plan a complete package. So, Enterprise user to help businesses connect with customer, employees and partners which lead to increase in company productivity.

With SmarterMail mail server, it provides over-the-air synchronization support. With this service, user can synchronize the Email, calendar, contacts and tasks from Pc to mobile devices on market including iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Android and other Smartphones.

The new plan now enriched with extra huge mail space and extra data transfer package. It is specially tailored for Webserver’s client to increase client performance especially in handling email.

In addition to that, organizations  are now able to focus on their core business. The reason is now increasing the speed, the data transfer, the mail space as well as increasing anti-virus protection to remove the hassle from client in the new plan. Further information is available at

About is a well establish and trusted web hosting provider in Malaysia since 1998. With more than 12 years experience in hosting industries. able to provide most secure and stable platform.  It is also a reliable benchmark for multiple backup of server hosting. provides a reliable 24/7 last mile application supports to clients. That’s how it stands out compare to other web hosting companies in Malaysia. More information about is available at

The Five Holy Grail In

Values and ethicality for high performance

Handling more than seven thousands of clients from local and around the world, meditate five mantras to uphold the virtue of ethical business practice: safe operations; privacy of customer information; reliable and quality services; transparency of products and services; and prompt response for enquiries and complaints. These principles enable to provide its services with integrity and of high quality to clients.

Safe operation
Reputable for hosting critical mission websites, prioritizes the security of your website with continual investment, development and implementation of security measure. provides a secured encryption technology and authentication techniques to protect web data.

Privacy of customer information do not sell or exchange clients’ information database to third party nor will clients’ personal information be exposed to public in any ways. Information however will be collected through phone conversation to improve customer service.

Reliable and quality service
The skills and experiences of staff in are regarded as the most important asset and factor to create reliable and high quality of services for clients. also continuously invest in new products and information technology to enhance users experiences.

Transparency of products and services
Being ethical in all business affairs, conveys itself in the most transparent manner to the public, presenting all information in the most accurate and truthful ways.

Prompt response for enquiries and complaints is open to public criticism and amenably accept and respond to any complaints or enquiries from the public and provide variety of medium for a two-way communication system.

These five principles resemble and support the credo of being honest, reliable and responsive under any circumstances. believe that good principles start from the practice from internal culture. And that would remind people of why its business exists. These governing principles reinforce the core values of the organization and improve the understanding of its employees about the importance of the customer experience and to consistently achieve high standard quality. The client charter guidance is what distinguished from others as a value-centered organization.

The downside of “great” hosting packages

84405982Necessity is the mother of invention and the shift towards speed and convenience has shrunk the sizes of computer chips and replaced workmanship with automated machines and software, creating an economic system motivated by profits. Selling web hosting today is just like selling fast food and leads one to forgetting the significance of server’s stability and reliability that affects the uptime of a website. In daunting economic reality and fierce market competition, many web-hosting companies become an opportunist in manipulating and deluding public opinions as their last resort to increase short-term sales. It’s understandably a nature of corporate defense mechanism to ensure its survival in the industry. Those with little knowledge can easily be swayed by their misleading advertisement and extraordinary claims and those who are experienced will smirk knowingly of such unrealistic promises.

After eleven years of being testified by clients, has empirically proven its effectiveness in delivering reliable web hosting to its clients by providing consistent uptime and beyond customer support standards. Their achievement lies in their philosophy in the appreciation of the art of workmanship and their emphasis of quality delivering. All staffs have been trained professionally to proactively engage in any web hosting affairs. Reliability and round-the-clock manned support is what distinguished from others in many ways. With a desire to outdo itself in the world of web hosting industry, believes the importance of being transparent in its conduct and its role of corporate social responsibilities to educate public about the reality of technological possibilities to help them make an informed decision.

All the glitters are not gold. If you can get a low priced web-hosting package that promises you all the privileges of convenience, infinite speed and capacity storage or other features, chances of such benefits will compromise your server’s reliability, putting your business in jeopardy. So just before getting too excited with such extraordinary offer, take some time to research and understand the realities and limitations of current technology. This includes being aware of various factors controlling your web hosting that involve network, power supply, equipment, software, technicians and internet service provider that directly and indirectly affect the overall performance of a website. While some factors can be controlled directly to minimize the chances of unplanned downtime, other third party involvement such as the Internet service provider is uncontrollable. Therefore, one must acknowledge that there is no 100% of uptime in any web hosting services.

You might be thrilled by web hosting advertisements that promises you the luxury of having an immeasurable size of bandwidth and space. These however is a form of advertising propaganda and its message can simply be interpreted as providing “enough” for an expected usage of small size website. Instead of explaining what is necessary in their “great deal”, most would just use advertising tool to create a short-term impact. Using excessive adjectives, superlative languages and visual exaggeration, it’s real content only speak an economical truth of what you’d like to hear. In a typical scenario of a small hosting company that has every ten accounts in one server of 40gb hard disk and 500gb bandwidth, each account could only be given for about 400mb space and 5gb of bandwidth per month. Such bold marketing tactics expects your website to have a small appetite to consume space (not more than 400mb) and bandwidth (not more than 5gb) and will not be growing much. A website usually only consume a small amount of bandwidth and disk space, but if you ever use more than their predicted perimeter of bandwidth and disk space that affect the performance of other sharing accounts, your account will be suspended, terminated or they will simply charge you more.

Your web hosting expectations must be consistent with the reality of technology and a way to calibrate that is to relate if a T1 connection is only able to provide 500gb per month and cost about few thousands, any web hosting company offering a terabyte of bandwidth for $200 per month is simply ludicrous. A very valid question to always consider is how can anyone provide an infinite hosting storage and bandwidth when all the hardwares or machines for networks, servers and disk storage are physically limited in today’s technology. When the web hosting resources are being stretched beyond limit by shared accounts in one server, your site will also take more time to load and sometimes result in frequent disconnection.

It’s important for one to know the limited capacity of a server hosting that is offering an exceptionally large bandwidth and disk space in shared hosting environment because the exceeding usage of other accounts can create an imbalance proportion left for you when they are selling more resources than they have. One way to verify the genuineness of any claim of hosting package is to visit forums and browse around feedbacks from other users on any hosting packages. You can simply do this by googling keywords and phrases like “one terabyte web hosting from XYZ, scam, forum”. The result can be quite surprising. Emphasize on the existing customers’ feedbacks on the server’s stability, uptime, load time and more that you can use to evaluate the server resources (e.g. CPU, RAM and database connection)

In addition you might want to find out if the hosting package provides you a last-mile application support or you will end up paying more at the end for every upgrade you made. Many low cost hosting packages have hidden charges, and it is your responsibility to find out as much as you can from your choice of web hosting. It is most acceptable to be skeptical and wary with any web hosting that promises exceptionally large space and bandwidth at a low cost, especially if you are going to run a mission critical website to avoid any business downfall. Some people will be driven by convenience and price while others believe that reliability is imperative and it outweighs other privileges in web hosting. A good beginning makes a good ending, so know your business needs and plan ahead. Just remember that if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably isn’t true.

Competing for Your Need: Standalone vs Multiple Server

Many webmasters are aware of the advantages offered by all-in-one server hosting, but more are unaware of the disadvantages. When it comes to seeking the choice of web hosting, the qualifying criteria are usually emphasized on the following order: Price, convenience and reliability. While the list of features may appear indifferent between web hosts, the price is often the determining factor of how reliable your web hosting will be. The all-in-one server stores and hosts all domain names, database, email (incoming and outgoing), anti-virus software and other web applications in one server and allow administration from all levels to manage through a control panel system.

The shift towards capitalism, speed and convenience has favored standalone server in today’s trend, as it is cost effective and easily manageable for users. The setup for the all-in-one server only requires a few clicks to create an account for user and does not require much of maintenance. Deliver upon payment, it works just like fast food. However you might need to pay more in the long-term with respect to reliability issues and downturn in performance as a result of server failure. In the flux of business environment, your needs for web hosting may change from time to time. In such cases for need of reliability the choice favors multiple server hosting.

The privileges of multiple server hosting does not triumph over all-in-one servers, but rather different in its role and function. Multiple server hosting are generally more costly than all-in-one server, and require more time and effort to manage. The experience and skills of a technician are also essential in servicing the server. In multiple server hosting, all servers are in isolated condition and management, networked through different ISP (Internet service provider) and have different thorough backups of servers to provide maximum redundancy.

When the density of sharing accounts in one server increases, the connection and flow becomes slower and ultimately affects the uptime performance. The segregated management of multiple server hosting creates better flow of traffic connection when it comes to share hosting. As a result, the considerable cost for multiple server hosting serve as a tribute to the manual workmanship and the maintenance of the multiple servers to ensure your mission critical web business will not experience any downturn. However, companies providing this multiple hosting service are not as popularly available as the in-trend all-in-one server.

“Redundant multiple webservers have been extremely rare and very expensive, requiring costly routing equipment which has previously been used only in mission critical applications of Fortune 500 companies.” – Godfrey Heon, Manager of the Irieisle Multiple Domain Hosting services

An easier way to illustrate the pros and cons of both server hosting is to imagine residents (files) living in different areas in a building that we will call “floors” (servers) for now. There will be eight floors in a building that each have considerable amount of occupants. Logically, it will be easier to manage one floor than eight floors. And the higher sharing density in one floor, the more congested the traffic in the building is going to be. Constructing these eight floors will also be more expensive, but creates a better comfort, proximity and traffic for all occupants in the building. Cleaning these eight floors will definitely take more time and manpower. When one of the floors is infested with an epidemic, we can quarantined it and have other isolated floors protected. Managing one floor is easier and cost effective, but it is just as good as placing all eggs in one basket.

In multiple server hosting, these sites (building) are isolated into eight servers (floors): primary and secondary domain name server (DNS); a web server pertaining all IP addresses assigned to domain names; two email servers for incoming (MX) and outgoing (STMP) mails; an anti-virus software to filter all messages before reaching inbox; a database server that stores all web files e.g. html, picture and audio; and an application server to store additional web applications. com whois In the event of one server failure, it will not affect other functioning servers. For instance, you domain server may be experiencing uptime issues, but you will still be able to use your email system to read and inform your clients and other important database will still be functional. In the case of all-in-one system server, the failure of one server will result in a severe domino effect where other systems will be in jeopardy.

In view of the aforementioned pros and cons of multiple and all-in-one servers, there is no right or wrong decision for choosing either. It all depends on the nature of your business requirements. If you are hosting an online banking website or a website that runs major transactional activities then you will need a stable and consistent uptime server and by all means, a multiple server hosting. But if you’re just hosting some informational content, your choice is better off with the all-in-one server. Nonetheless, the best way of choosing a web hosting is to prioritize your needs, whether you seek reliability, convenience, or price.

Because multiple server hosting requires constant manual servicing and monitoring by technician, better known as human, it is more lenient when dealing with penalty of suspension or termination of service due to late payment when compared to an automated software that reads mechanical cold timing which will not be negotiable for even one second if you have forgotten to remit your yearly hosting fee. Such compassion also comes with weakness as human makes mistakes and accidents do happen especially in the event of technical errors created by inexperience technician. As proclaim by many “reliable” web-hosting companies, there is never 100% of uptime guaranteed because of various uncontrollable factors.

One of the few web-hosting companies that have been consistently offering multiple server hosting for more than ten years is Their benchmark for multiple backup of server hosting and 24/7 support for last-mile application receive supports from more than seven thousand clients from around the world, about the size of a swimming pool. Their benchmark of web servers is loaded with 2 to 32 Gigabytes of RAM; and is networked together with CISCO Switches. This setup provides a better level of speed, redundancy and data protection availability.