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5 Reasons why You must have Managed Services for Cloud

You probably heard about Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and you know all these function as cloud storage. Some of you might already purchase one of these cloud for your business purpose. But, who do you choose to manage it? By choosing the right people to manage your cloud can bring you

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Virally growing attacks on unpatched WordPress sites affect ~2m pages

Attacks on websites running an outdated version of WordPress are increasing at a viral rate. Almost 2 million pages have been defaced since a serious vulnerability in the content management system came to light nine days ago. The figure represents a 26 percent spike in the past 24 hours. A rogues’ gallery of sites have

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SSL certificate – Your key to E-commerce Security

We can imagine more entrepreneurs will get involved in e-commerce because of its overall low entry barrier. So the growth rate of the industry will be remarkable in the next few years and one of the major factors that will have a significant impact on the growth of e-commerce is SSL certificate. It can boost the

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If you don’t use Web Application Firewall what more you deserve to be hacked

Web Application Firewall / WAF is a form of firewall which controls input, output, and/or access from, to, or by an application or service. It operates by monitoring and potentially blocking the input, output, or system service calls which do not meet the configured policy of the firewall. It is able to control applications or services

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What you get if you move from share to VPS?

VPS, also known as the Virtual Private Server hosting, is a plan that can provide you access to a private server. It is widely used by small business because it is a cost effective solution. You can install, customize, configure and even manage your own server when using this hosting plan. VPS can be a

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VPS technology, how much you know?

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a technology that designed for all those customers who look for more control than what they get in a shared web hosting account. VPS’s are like shared hosting, but with the power of a dedicated server so it is much more affordable and better performance. In addition, VPS technology provide

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Data center – Backbone of web hosting

One of the most important things aside from knowing your disk space, bandwidth and the popularity of your web hosting is the backbone of your provider. It is a good start to find out what makes them thick and reliable by looking into their data center, the backbone of every web hosting provider that determines


How to prevent emails from going into spam folder

There are approx 60 billions of emails transfer daily. About 90% of the billions are spam that includes 64% of spam server from Taiwan and 23% in the US. Email service providers are battling for new ways to deal with spam and legitimate emails more effectively. Apart from the standard procedure to automatically filters spam


How to create a good password

The proud profession of a hacker who used to work for the government or people that are considered to be righteous fighting against unethical organizations or governments has now become a daily mischievous activity that irritates and frights many individuals and organizations. They are now considered to be criminals and terrorist who hijacks online properties.