Taxi Ads Hunter-Win an iPad2 Contest

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – October 21st, 2011 – Malaysia pioneer web hosting provider, today announced the launch of its second challenge, called “ Taxi Ads Hunter-Win an iPad2” Contest. The contest will be start on October 21st, 2011 and will be end on January 29th, 2012.

Taxi Ads HunterTo participate in the “Taxi Ads Hunter-Win an iPad2” contest, participants need to hunt for taxi boot-lid with advertisement plying around Klang Valley, Malaysia. Participants need to snap a photo and upload it to fan page Facebook wall ( Participants are required to tag at least 15 of their Facebook friends and get at least 10 of the friends to like the photo. The contestants also need to complete a task by shouting at the photo caption: “The only web and email hosting company in Malaysia that provide 24/7 telephone support.”

The 100th taxi number plate with advertisement on the boot-lid submitted will be the lucky winner to bring home grand prize. offers a Grand Prize of an Apple iPad 2 to the lucky winner. also giveaways 100 movie ticket passes to be won weekly. Three weekly winners will be selected based on the requirement set by The participants must complete the entire task given by The weekly winner will be selected based on the number of friends tagged by participants. Besides that, participants also required to gather as much like as possible to be entitled for a pair of movie ticket passes.

This contest is open to all existing client as well general public. This contest aims in creating good branding relationship between and the online community.

More information about and “Taxi Ads Hunter” contest is available at

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Affiliate social network marketing

Affiliate marketing is probably one of the familiar business terms to you. Derived from the concept of revenue sharing it has become widely known as a profitable model for business program. Based on a reward system for a successful transaction, one can receive a reward in terms of cash or sometimes gift. With internet and the introduction of social network marketing, affiliate marketing has evolved drastically with it.

Affiliate social network marketing uses similar principles as it is, but with the assistance of social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter. These two powerful social network sites offer prolific traffic for entrepreneurs of social marketing. Unlike the conventional method of advertising to get leads, social network marketing is free. It is a tool for this era and it is growing at a rapid pace with members as big as a country.

If you noticed, any individual or organization would understand the significance of social network marketing. Just look at the fans page Facebook and you’ll see how many celebrities, organizations and products/services have started using it as a form of publicity tool. All because they understand how influential are these social network sites to create public opinion and to build good relationship with  their stakeholders.

What more important is it’s FREE. Most people used to rely on paid advertisements on search engines to get leads for affiliate marketing. But with social network marketing, many things are more feasible to get a targeted result. Social network sites are ever expanding, and create abundance of opportunities to generate new prospects everyday. As long as you know the right ways to get members to become a fan of your page, you can generate more specific demographic prospects to your affiliate marketing mission.

Some social network sites such as Facebook take a step further to provide tools and value to users with their applications. These application tools can help to create more attraction in your page and help to maximize the effectiveness for sourcing for more accurate segmentation of the market. Using these social network sites is however not only for selling or generating more leads, but also about making a greater presence online and branding.

But aside from that, social network sites are a great way to start without the need of cash or a website and it helps to improve searchability of your affiliated product. By creating links and new messages can also help to get a product or brand  more visibility in the search result. It works like a viral effect and will work as a double edge sword to your affiliate marketing.

Magnetic social networking marketing

Aside working with search engines for better ways to market your company, another more lucrative result is through social network marketing. Some social network sites such as Facebook don’t consider themselves as competition in the social network industry but with other prominent search engines such as Google. In the near future as these social network marketing expands, it will play a bigger role in the decision making for visitors to buy products and services.

Social network marketing relies on the use of online communities and social network sites. It is about befriending people on the Internet and building good rapport. It is also a platform for instant news and two-way communication that is also considered as a good pr tool that can be used for branding and publicity.

Social network marketing is based on the online conversation between participants, which is not controlled by a company. Aside from this, social network marketing’s biggest edge is the specification of demographics that allow companies to target their advertisement to the right target audience that are more likely to be interested.

As social network marketing continues to grow, it creates a greater way for any online business to do publicity work as it reaches to more people with genuine interest. Nonetheless, it is a double-edge-sword that can make or break a company’s reputation as news in social network spread through mouth like fire.

From the SEO standpoint, it is also a highly effective way to generate more backlinks. But be prepared for the better or worst on the quality as not all links favors the company’s reputation and it is not controllable.

Blogging for a living

The popularity of blogging and social networking has created a new market for everyone, as a legitimate profession to make a living. The new algorithm from payment gateway has opened more possibilities on more continents and increases the interest among blog enthusiast to jump onto the bandwagon to blog for a living.

Blogging is considered to be one of the realistic ways to make money online by the new generations. It is a job that allows people to work at the comfort of their home and at their flexible time.. A highly sough-after job especially when the income can be compared to a full time office job. For all the positive impression, there is however the pros and cons just like everything else.

There are 4 basic ways that one can blog to make a living. The first one is to write about reviews for products or organizations. Most of the write-ups are required to promote the organization in a favorable way. This job can be obtained through a ‘pay-to-blog’ service. Of course, the popularity of your blog would also be the determining factor for the rate that will be applied to you. A blog popularity is usually measured through the traffic received.

The second way to make a living with your blog is through the selling ad space. Advertising is always one of the most fruitful market on the internet. For that, opportunities are abundance for bloggers to grab. Earning advertising revenue can be done through a third party advertising company such as the popular Adsense or Adbrite, or through direct seeking of organizations who are looking for space to place their ads. Again, the rates vary from different amounts of traffic.

Political blog contents may be sensitive, but they definitely receive an overwhelming welcome on today’s online politics. As provocative as it can be, critical writers receives popularity that spreads like fire if their content is sensible and reflective to the society. This increases the source for headhunt from governmental or nongovernmental organization to work as an opinion leading writer.

Nonetheless these opportunities should come with the proper skills and knowledge to make it possible. As blogging derived from the nature of journalism, an acceptable writing skill is imperative to produce an acceptable quality of content. The knowledge of SEO is important to help increase exposure of the blog to the world. A blogger must also be actively involve in all forms of online communications which include participations in forums and submissions of articles and press releases.

Although a blog can be started easily for free with the many blog publishing system today, having the extra skills in programming and web design would be an added advantage to fully optimize the blog design for better impression.

How to blog safely

blog-safelyBlogging can be a fun hobby for leisure, most people use blog as a platform to express themselves in many ways. The concept of blog was derived from journalism, where writing is involved to log special events that they experienced so they may honour their news piece. But almost anyone who can write today can use a blog. And because blog posts are usually presented as a personal view, it means issues can get personal with you. Nonetheless, blog is one of the most powerful tools for political propaganda. Where no personal views are accepted in other media, blog would be the place for the ultimate freedom of speech.

With that, great power comes with great responsibility, definitely. But before you shout out loud for the freedom of speech, be sure to check where you are to know if your geography’s culture and government is qualified for this belief.  And whether you are writing for yourself or on behalf of an organization, there are some expected norms to comply if one intend to blog safely.  This generally consists of more things about what NOT to write about in blogs.

Sensitive issues

If you are not in a country where freedom of speech is qualified, you might want to avoid writing anything related to politics or religion. These two topics are sensitive at nature and are best to be avoided at all times if you are unsure of the possible triggering effect. In some countries, you would not be sued when you draw the big F word on a wall expressing your view on political figure, because you have the freedom of speech, but on the other side of the world you could be jailed by just expressive your decent view. There have been many laws implemented on bloggers who are subjected to sedition, some governments are extra sensitive about the use of blog for these two topics because it is powerful and could lead to rebellion and terrorism.

Personal topics

You may not have the patriotism to criticize political matters, but you need not to be too self-absorb as the same time. The true is, people simply have no time for your personal matters. If you want to whine about how bad the traffic was or how bad the food was you had for lunch, then you are better off writing this somewhere else and not in a public blog because people have more significant interests on other maters than yours. Unless you are a well-known celebrity, then people might want to know if you think Chinese cuisine is better or indian’s.

Original content

In some cases, it is a legitimate crime to copy-and-paste contents from other website without seeking their prior approval. There’s nothing much to be said about using the contents of other without their permission but to let know that ‘stealing’ is simply not right. Aside from a possible lawsuit filled against you, your blog also do not benefit from search engine’s improvements. So make sure all contents are originally produced.

Managing comments

If you are able to attract or provoke people to comment on your blog, then you must learn to manage these commentaries well. Not all comments favors your content, you may choose what is most appropriate of feedbacks that may be valuable for your clients. You may also encounter spams, and you should clean it whenever possible as people don’t expect to see some viagra promotion to be on a religion blog. You should be able to make more sense with what is most relevant and beneficial to your blog and your readers. Nonetheless, you should also maintain a neutral attitude when responding to unfavorable comments to show some professionalism and objectivity.

Disclosing your identity

The world connects everyone closer to each other. Disclosing your identity,contact,  lifestyle and habit give yourself more visibility and fame. But just like superstars, their fame sometimes attracts unwanted people and threatening situations in their lives. The same goes to you and your blog, the more information you disclose to the public, the more high profile you are and the higher chance of you inviting a stalker in your life. As long as your blog is available publicly, you’ll never know who could be reading it. So avoid posting topics that include a specific incidents and dropping names.

Generalizing views

Being diplomatic in writing means being safe. It shows professionalism and objectivity. So try not to use too many adjectives in your writing, avoid using 1st person words and maintain a 3rd person view whenever possible. This gives better credibility and acceptance for your contents

Remember, your blog is the work of yourself and it can be used as a legal documentation should any problems arise. Despite that post only topics that you are really serious about or no reader will take your blog seriously, if you still have a reader. Now go and blog something : )