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why_calling_webserverPhone calls are an important factor to determine the conversion rate of sales for a company. But many customers felt reluctant to call up a service center to enquiry when they need to. Most would rather write an email. The reason is because of the dissatisfaction of service they would experience that put them off from calling. Their dissatisfactions comprise of the level of service provided by the operator that lacks the tone of courtesy, proficiency of communication, effectiveness of problem solving skills, empowerment for decision making and respond time.

Everyday, I would hear the technical support that sits beside me greeting the callers warmly with the exact soft tone of message. I would sometimes tease him lightly by mimicking his tone and told him that his mechanical script seems to work very well. He joked by saying that he’ll change his greeting by asking, “why are you calling webserver”. It inspired me instantly by wondering, what motivates all these phone calls and what enhances their motivations to call, whether to purchase, enquire, comment or complain.

So why should you call Webserver? Because of the soft and polite tone of the staffs? Possibly, but definitely not the only and significant reason. Perhaps it’s the positive vibe that the caller receives from the operator who is proactive and positive is answering all phone calls regardless of the issues. Congruently aligned with the corporate value, Webserver’s staffs believe that they are the troubleshooters and their role survives because customers give them trouble to solve. This maintains their positive attitude and taking initiative whenever possible to talk to the clients.

Effective communication is what enhances their intend. Some offshore clients are surprised to know that the staff speaks proficient English and communicate effectively to address the issue, as they may not know that English is only one of the common language besides being able to converse in Malay, Chinese and Indian fluently.

Another reason that motivates people to call Webserver is the assurance of honesty. Webserver ensures that all communication is delivered to the most transparent manner. Be it a problem or a price, all answers have only truthful elements.

The work of solving problem has been the profession of Webserver’s staff for the past 11 years. All staffs are experience and skillful to handle issues individually. With a standard guideline  of 1 hour response time, the team is proficient in solving most issues. This quality is what makes such service essential for mission critical hosting.

Perhaps there are other more reasons for people for call, but one thing for sure is that Webserver will always be there to pickup a call as a reliable web hosting.

Interview with Alfred Lim, by Webhostdir.com

Alfred Lim, CEO of Webserver.com.my

What unique selling points do you offer?

We are the pioneer of web hosting company in Malaysia since 1989 that specializes in the complex managed hosting services such as database hosting and mission critical application hosting. Our experiences give us the confidence to provide a greater reliability and consistent uptime of hosting. We use only high quality appliances and our servers are all imported directly from Intel. We also provide our own data center for greater uptime and bandwidth allocation.

Describe the services you offer?

Our best selling hosting packages are the shared Value Hosting and Budget Hosting plan which gives clients an affordable privilege of mission critical hosting experience regardless of the type of business. We also provide application hosting, email hosting, server co-location and dedicated server hosting.

Describe your target market?

Mid to large size enterprises who are looking for a reliable and consistent uptime of web hosting or mission critical hosting. We also prioritize clients seeking for an offshore hosting.

How is your company planning for the future?

We help our clients worldwide to grow their hosting businesses through the delivery of innovative products and superior service platform as we continue to upgrade our technology from time to time to become the best choice of hosting provider and expand our offshore service to larger continents in future.

What benefits can you offer your customers?

We assure our clients to receive a brand new experience of reliable hosting and last-mile application support.

How do you support your customers?

We provide a 24/7 manned support through various medium of communication that include web live chat, instant messaging program such as MSN, Email, phone calls and Facebook too. Our standard support response time is one hour during working hours and 4 hours during non-working ours. We also provide a last-mile application support where we go all the way to help our clients who are not familiar with the technical aspect of hosting to solve their scripting or installation problems.

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Giving Back

89446700Aimed to become the best in web hosting for excellent services and reliability, Webserver is also keen to develop a lasting goodwill through its virtue of CSR works. The transparent communication and CSR activities that covers many social developments are carried out from time to time to create a solidifying relationship and trust with its stakeholder.

Webserver believes that the essence of philanthropic attitude should start from people inside the organization and manifest it from inside-out to the world. These attitudes should resemble healthy cultural values, and are shared within the organization. The cultural practices include the empowerment of individuals where each person is given the freedom and rights to fully voice their ideas and make decisions within their own scope of work. Employees are also encouraged to contribute even in the simplest way as possible to the development of society and environment. Webserver also embraces the responsibility of ensuring a balance live-and-work for its staff and personal development for individuals. This initiative gives Webserver a better advantage to attract new talents and to improve the quality of service provided.


Webserver understands that this cause-related business does not only gives clients a better sense of purchasing value but also creates better trust and relationships with stakeholders that in return establishes Webserver’s merit in the society.

The WEL (Webserver Enriching Life) CSR project is aimed to enrich the lives of the less unfortunate. Every year, a percentage of revenue will be contributed to various not-for-profit associations.  In addition to social contributions, Webserver is also committed to preserving the environment in which it operates with future plans of deploying environmental friendly machine that preserves the environment.


CSR Programme

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