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Why are you calling webserver

Phone calls are an important factor to determine the conversion rate of sales for a company. But many customers felt reluctant to call up a service center to enquiry when they need to. Most would rather write an email. The reason is because of the dissatisfaction of service they would experience that put them off

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Interview with Alfred Lim, by

Alfred Lim, CEO of What unique selling points do you offer? We are the pioneer of web hosting company in Malaysia since 1989 that specializes in the complex managed hosting services such as database hosting and mission critical application hosting. Our experiences give us the confidence to provide a greater reliability and consistent uptime

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Giving Back

Aimed to become the best in web hosting for excellent services and reliability, Webserver is also keen to develop a lasting goodwill through its virtue of CSR works. The transparent communication and CSR activities that covers many social developments are carried out from time to time to create a solidifying relationship and trust with its