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Dedicated Server vs VPS vs Shared Hosting? Which one should you choose?


You might be going to establish an online platform for sharing your ideas, enterprise businesses or e-commerce purposes. It is always a good idea to seek an experienced hosting provider to host your websites, online platforms as well as informational blogs. It saves your cost, resources and time to operate and manage your online platforms.

However, you may come across terms like Shared Hosting, VPS (Virtual Private Server) and Dedicated Server. All of them are solutions in hosting your online platform, but the suitability for these three solutions varies for several reasons. Such as what online platform you are going to host, how many resources your online platform is going to consume and how many visitor traffic you expected will be visiting your online platform.

Choosing the right web hosting solution is important to optimize your business performance with minimal expenses possible.

As a summary, we can conclude the comparison between these three solutions as follows:

  • In terms of cost: Shared Hosting > VPS > Dedicated Server
  • In terms of performances and resources allocated: Dedicated Server > VPS > Shared Hosting


Dedicated Server vs VPS vs Shared Hosting

Before we discuss these three solutions in detail, let us visualize these three solutions in a simple example. Imagine you are on a vacation, and you are taking a flight to your desired destination.

Shared Hosting is like you are traveling in economy class, you share the area with many other passengers, you might have limited space around your seat (Low storage space, resource allocation), and you also need to share on some public facilities such as restroom with other passenger (Shared features such as firewall and anti-virus application). Click Here to Read More about Shared Hosting

VPS will be similar to business class in the flight, although you still share the area with other passengers, there is less passenger sharing the area which provides you with more spaces. You will enjoy more privileges and it is easy for you to access those public facilities. Click Here to Read More about VPS Hosting

Dedicated Server is like you are traveling with your private jet, you enjoy all the area, personalized services as well as other premium features without the need to share on those resources to with the public. Click Here to Read More about Dedicated Server


Summary Table of comparison between Shared Hosting, VPS and Dedicated Server

Characteristics Shared Hosting VPS Dedicated Server
Pricing RM25/Month RM139/Month RM499/Month
Disk Space Provided Up to 30GB Up to 100GB Up to 2 x 4 TB
Monthly Data Transfer Up to 50GB Up to 2000GB Unlimited Data Transfer
Server Memory 512MB 8GB 32GB
Bandwidth Allocation 20Mbps – shared with other site 10 Mbps 100Mbps
Platform Available Linux & Windows Linux & Windows Linux & Windows
Configurability Limited Moderate Non-limited
Density of Shared User 300 Low No shared user

Source gathered from WebServer.com.my

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