When choosing an email marketing software, it is important to find out precisely what other features that comes with the software that can be of assistance to your business than just the prize alone. Email marketing software has an increasing alternative business trend to web based email marketing. There are more and more exploration on the subject of email marketing due to it’s effectiveness to generate leads and business conversion, and also as a tool to build branding and public relations. But it is important to find out if the benefits of your email marketing tool is commensurable to it’s price.

The first thing to consider is the amount or the mailing size of your tool. How many recipients does it support? As your business grows, so would be your contact and database. It would be wise to purchase an email marketing plan or tool that can fit the amount of your database and best to have at least 50% extra when it increases. Afterall, it’s always better to have more than to have least. The second thing to look for in any email marketing tool is to find out how supportive is it.

Many people underestimate the importance of support that is offered by the email marketing service provider. The fact is not many people can easily get their hands-on the tool easily without making some trial and error. Having a support system ensures that you will always be helped out of situation that gives problems in your email marketing campaign. People who experience technical problem with the tool during the campaign can also receive the necessary support as they would.

The next is to consider the accessibility and the convenience of the tool. Not all email marketing software can be easily installed and setup without long waiting, and compared to web based email marketing, it cannot always be easily accessed. Consider the email creation features if it supports Unicode character, file attachment, email template and others that you might be expecting. Lastly, consider the feature of email tracking that is probably the most important thing for any research and understanding of your reader’s behaviour. This should at least include the tracking for successfully sent email, unsubscribe report and opened email reports.

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