“For many business owners, time and effort has been put onto ensuring increasing revenue, profit or maximizing return of investment from a website domain name and hosting. Often forgotten is the importance of domain name and hosting renewals that need to be done on yearly.”

As most domain name and hosting providers are busy providing support  thousands of domain name or web site hosting services. Instead of receiving reminder calls via phone, often business owners, as a website domain name owner will only be notified about the domain name and hosting renewal via emails.

Automated renewal notification email are often sent out by providers 30 days, 14 days, 7 days, 3 days  or 1 day before the expiry. So what business owners have to do next to ensure that their domain name and hosting services remain alive?

Providers received tens or hundreds of bank remittance of similar amount shown in their statements daily and will never be able to identify the payer unless the payer send in their remittance proof.

To ensure that the domain name and hosting services are renewed promptly, remember to fax or email the remittance proof and take the effort to call the provider to acknowledge the receipts of the remittance.

Doing so will ensure no disruption of business email communications and website transaction to the web domain name and web site belong to the business owner.


Better still if it could renew for multiple years to save time from this hassle afterall a domain name normally cost only between RM35 to RM150 a year in comparison to the thousands or millions of Ringgit of revenue that one might get in return from a working domain name and hosting.

On a side note, please ask for discount for multiple year renewal!!

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