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What is Dedicated Server


What is Dedicated Server

Dedicated Server will be the more expensive solution among these three solutions, it is because a dedicated server allocates the whole server dedicated to your own usage. This means that sharing your resources with others will not happen in any means.

Dedicated Server is always related to large website, email servers which require an enormous resource to run. It is good for you to own and run your server on-premises, but it is better for you to outsource it to web host providers as it saves your costs in terms of time and resources in the long run.

Advantages of Dedicated Server:

  • Dedicated as like you own a server
  • Security is promised by eliminating the risk in terms of security by eliminating infection from other users.
  • Powerful, you enjoy all the benefits, resources and performance to your online platform as well as other usage.
  • Multi-functional, Dedicated Server is also capable of performing multiple functionalities with powerful performance.

Disadvantages of Dedicated Server:

  • Expensive
  • Complexity, higher flexibility, and scalability will eventually require higher technical knowledge to manipulate it. However, you can get a professionally managed service by the web service provider

 When you should choose Dedicated Server

  • Enterprise website, web application, email servers as well as other online platforms.
  • A large dense e-commerce web platform

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Summary Table of comparison between Shared Hosting, VPS and Dedicated Server

Characteristics Shared Hosting VPS Dedicated Server
Pricing RM25/Month RM139/Month RM499/Month
Disk Space Provided Up to 30GB Up to 100GB Up to 2 x 4 TB
Monthly Data Transfer Up to 50GB Up to 2000GB Unlimited Data Transfer
Server Memory 512MB 8GB 32GB
Bandwidth Allocation 20Mbps – shared with other site 10 Mbps 100Mbps
Platform Available Linux & Windows Linux & Windows Linux & Windows
Configurability Limited Moderate Non-limited
Density of Shared User 300 Low No shared user

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