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What is VPS?


What is VPS?

VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a great option and cost-effective solution when comes in advanced, medium to big web hosting. It guarantees a certain degree of website security, scalability, resource allocation for you to run a higher resources consuming website.

VPS partitions the server environment and allocates a larger storage space, resources, and services to each individual. As each VPS is a virtual partition, it is independently separated from the server environment.

Advantages of VPS:

  • Cost-Effective, by allocating more resources at a lower price as compared to Dedicated Server
  • Scalable and Upgradable, resources can be increased and reduced depends on requirements
  • Customizable, having all the basic features for web hosting but allow more customization.
  • Multi-functional, a VPS is suitable for multi-purpose of web applications such as websites, e-commerce platforms, or function as email servers.

Disadvantages of VPS:

  • Technical requirement, you might be requiring some technical basic to utilize your online platform in VPS

When you should choose VPS

  • Medium to large range website
  • E-Commerce web application
  • Complex interactive web platforms

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Summary Table of comparison between Shared Hosting, VPS and Dedicated Server

Characteristics Shared Hosting VPS Dedicated Server
Pricing RM25/Month RM139/Month RM499/Month
Disk Space Provided Up to 30GB Up to 100GB Up to 2 x 4 TB
Monthly Data Transfer Up to 50GB Up to 2000GB Unlimited Data Transfer
Server Memory 512MB 8GB 32GB
Bandwidth Allocation 20Mbps – shared with other site 10 Mbps 100Mbps
Platform Available Linux & Windows Linux & Windows Linux & Windows
Configurability Limited Moderate Non-limited
Density of Shared User 300 Low No shared user

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