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Why should you buy a domain and hosting service together?


Many people have misconceptions about web hosting and domain name service when it comes to start building a website, not to mention that setting up these two important elements for their website to work well require some basic understanding of how these two service must work together.

A web hosting for a website is like renting a place for you to start a business and a domain name is basically a service that requires you to register for your company name. You must have both in order to start a business. Most web hosting company usually provides the service of web hosting and also domain hosting. But for some domain hosting provider, they only provide domain registration and hosting. So the choices to get domain and web hosting together from a same company or from two different companies are yours to call.

Some domain hosting does provide a different price than those web hosting that provides domain hosting as well. But there are some benefits for anyone who choose to bundle up the two services together. Needless to say, many would probably choose to buy a business shop and register a business name together at the same time for better convenience if it is possible. But in the case of web and domain hosting, it is best that you do so especially if you do the extra work yourself. These work include setting up the DNS account to be pointed at the right place and managing additional email accounts.

If you choose to have two ser vices by two different providers, you will need to do additional setup to ensure your domain name is properly pointed at your web hosting server. Though this is not something complicated, but having one service to manage to things for you would save you from lots of hassle. Especially when it comes to the reminder system, it’s much more convenient to receive it only from one company and pay only to one than to two separate services. If you experience any downtime, you can just trace the problem to one provider than to two different companies to check where the problem arises from.

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