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Why should you protect your domain privacy?


Today Facebook contains more than 400 million users, it is as big as a country. Everyday people are exposed into what they are doing, eating, travelling and working. Social network sites such as Facebook unveil much confidential information that some people would otherwise conceal. The known fact is there are always some new threat that can be found on the internet doing hacking or for any malicious online activity. You’ve seen many intangible products online been shared by thousands and used illegally, you’ll also see many people are being impersonated and deceived. Wouldn’t you want to pay attention to what your domain name is revealing about you and your business?

This goes the same to your online business, every registration of your name and business or personal information stored on the internet is not exactly as safe as you’ve thought of. Just go to who.is and type in your URL and you’ll find much details about yourself and all you need to know about your website. Site’s such as who.is helps to provide information about domain name and it’s server that is using. It also provides some confidential information about the registrant such as their contact number and address.

Could this mean that you could be in danger? Probably not, but it’s definitely something worthy to pay attention to what you are disclosing about yourself. Many people are using these information to find out specific information such as the expiration of a domain name or where is your website being hosted. It could be for malicious purpose to hack into your server or it could be someone stalking on the expiration of your domain name so they can get it as it expires. No matter what is it being used for, having those information up on the internet for millions to view is not something that you can be sure of its safety.

One of the ways to ensure good privacy for your domain name is to be careful what you put on the registration. Using not real names and alternative contact could be a good way to protect you in many ways. Alternatively, you can also choose to conceal this information by applying for a domain privacy protection. Most web hosting charges about $10 for a protection over a year.

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