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89446700Aimed to become the best in web hosting for excellent services and reliability, Webserver is also keen to develop a lasting goodwill through its virtue of CSR works. The transparent communication and CSR activities that covers many social developments are carried out from time to time to create a solidifying relationship and trust with its stakeholder.

Webserver believes that the essence of philanthropic attitude should start from people inside the organization and manifest it from inside-out to the world. These attitudes should resemble healthy cultural values, and are shared within the organization. The cultural practices include the empowerment of individuals where each person is given the freedom and rights to fully voice their ideas and make decisions within their own scope of work. Employees are also encouraged to contribute even in the simplest way as possible to the development of society and environment. Webserver also embraces the responsibility of ensuring a balance live-and-work for its staff and personal development for individuals. This initiative gives Webserver a better advantage to attract new talents and to improve the quality of service provided.


Webserver understands that this cause-related business does not only gives clients a better sense of purchasing value but also creates better trust and relationships with stakeholders that in return establishes Webserver’s merit in the society.

The WEL (Webserver Enriching Life) CSR project is aimed to enrich the lives of the less unfortunate. Every year, a percentage of revenue will be contributed to various not-for-profit associations.  In addition to social contributions, Webserver is also committed to preserving the environment in which it operates with future plans of deploying environmental friendly machine that preserves the environment.


CSR Programme

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